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Huntington’s Care

We have launched a specialist service to offer care and support for people living with Huntington’s Disease. We are dedicated to delivering first class care that is tailored to the needs, choices and preferences of each individual in a safe, responsive and homely environment.


When Huntington’s disease progresses, many individuals struggle to cope in their own environment and can no longer be cared for safely at home.  That’s where our specialist care services come in. We are able to provide the compassionate and tailored care needed to support each individual, adapting to changing requirements along the way.

We believe that with a compassionate and person-centred approach, we can support individuals to live life to the fullest whilst helping to maintain and build social relationships with family, friends and the community. We understand the importance of sensitive care and support to improve an individuals’ physical and emotional wellbeing. 

From pre-admission assessments through to our one-to-one care reviews, our team will develop a care and support plan that is fully supportive in providing guidance along with subtle cues and direction needed in helping to live fulfilling, independent and dignified lives.

Our team take the time to get to know each individual on a personal level and will consider every aspect of their life, helping them to find a place where their emotional and physical well-being is optimised.


At Athena Healthcare Group, we provide a multi-disciplinary approach with the intention of maximising the quality of life whilst maintaining functional independence. 

Our in-house chefs prepare freshly cooked meals every day and are also trained in tailoring menus to meet the individual’s dietary requirements.  We believe that a healthy, well-balanced diet will support residents both physically and mentally.

Lifestyle and wellbeing are a big part of our ethos – to ensure that those living in our care get the most out of each day. Our Lifestyle Co-ordinators provide wellbeing support through an enriching daily activities programme in conjunction with the individual’s care plan.

My Huntington’s Story

At the age of 30, I was diagnosed with Huntington’s Disease. When I first received my diagnosis, I was very scared and ran away from everything. After being told I had 15 years to live, all I could focus on was the death sentence that the Doctor had given me. I fell into a downward spiral and was left vulnerable in a dangerous place that I can only describe as hell.

That was two years ago now and in that time, I began to build a relationship with my Huntington’s Nurse and social worker. Although things started to get better, I was still terrified. I remember feeling shocked when my nurse suggested moving into full-time care as I thought this was only an option for older adults, with my Nan and Grandad both living in a care home.

However, when I first came to look around, I was surprised at how lovely the home was and I was very happy to move in. I absolutely love Lily Wharf Lodge, all the staff are very supportive and caring. I truly feel loved and well cared for.

Since living at Lily Wharf Lodge, I am wisely managing and saving money for the first time in my life. I have also built up amazing relationships with my family which means the world to me. I have also noticed that moving from a city to Burscough is truly reflected in my lifestyle and I feel a lot safer and more secure. I’m also trying different types of cuisine which makes each and every day interesting. This has also helped me gain weight, which is great!

The service that I receive here is entirely different from that I have had in the past. It feels like I am living in a five-star hotel instead of a care home with the staff regularly making sure that myself and my room are always neat and tidy and the nurse always makes sure that I have my medication on time.

Since living at Lily Wharf Lodge, I feel a lot healthier, more energetic and much more confident. I believe this is mostly down to the staff’s behaviour towards me. I am truly grateful for my new life here. Thank you, everyone!

And to anyone who is thinking about, or their nurse has suggested, full-time care… Just do it, you won’t regret it!

Resident of Lily Wharf Lodge (2021)

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